Does Google Glass Have GPS? – Yes, Here’s What’s Great About It.

“OK Glass…google…’does google glass have GPS?'” Yes it does but as a user of the device you’ll probably find out that one of central built in functions of the device is the “get directions to” command.  If you use this command you’ll be able to access the Google Maps app for Glass.  Google Glass is a new and unexplored technology and it remains to be seen how it will fit into people’s lives, however I’m finding fun ways that it makes my life better.  I am a piano tuner.  In the summer time I like to ride my bicycle from one appointment to the next.  Often I’m visiting new customers whom I have never visited before and I don’t know how to get there.  What’s the best way to navigate on a bike?  Before glass I would use my phone with a Google maps on it for navigation.  However I it’s annoying and time consuming to stop regularly to consult with my handheld device about the next turn.  Sometimes it’s tempting to hold the phone with one hand while biking, but that’s dangerous on many levels.  I can hit a pothole and easily drop the phone, or worse get distracted and have a bike

With Google Glass I have access to maps and navigation, hands-free.  I can focus on navigating traffic and arriving on time while a voice relays the turn by turn directions and a little map appears in my glass display.  It’s driving a car with a GPS, except I’m saving energy, getting exercise and enjoying the summer sun. 

I also can film a fun video whenever I like.  Below you see one of me crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.  Again this is hands free and not too distracting.  A few times I was afraid to turn my head to check for other bikers at the risk of losing continuity in the filming, but safety comes first and it doesn’t detract much from the film when I did.


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